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Lectionary: Volume 1 (British Isles)

05/01/2004, £225.00
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Lectionary: Volume 2 (British Isles)

29/06/2006, £225.00
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Lectionary: Volume 3 (British Isles)

01/06/2006, £225.00
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Order of Celebrating Matrimony

08/02/2016, £40.00
Beautifully produced in a portable format in gold blocked white leather with gilt edges, three ribbons and a durable slipcase. The new Order of Celebrating Matrimony is not a re-translation but a new Rite which will be mandatory in England & Wale

Order of Christian Funerals Full Rite

24/11/2006, £120.00
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Prayer During the Day

01/01/2009, £7.95
Pocket book of Midday Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. Ideal for use at home, in families, in the parish or in communities.

Prayer Of The Faithful (2 Volume Set)

22/01/2008, £49.99
These intercessions are profoundly scriptural, drawn from the readings of each Sunday or feast day, and the prayers link the readings to the needs and aspirations of the worshipping community in any parish. The sureness of touch, the freshness of lan

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The first section of the ritual, marking the steps of the spiritual journey into the full communion of the Catholic Church, offers the procedures and periods that make up the full rite.
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