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A Body Broken for a Broken People: Divor

30/07/2015, £14.99
Francis J. Moloney's A Body Broken for a Broken People has become a classic study of what the New Testament reveals about the Eucharistic practice of the early Church.

How to Survive Working in a Catholic Parish

16/05/2016, £12.95
A guide for priests, volunteers, and paid parish workers.

Mending the Heart

The author, who has been through the annulment process herself, examines the changes Pope Francis has made to help readers discover ways to find hope and healing in the midst of heartbreak.

Spiritual Abuse: Breaking Free from Religious Control

18/02/2015, £3.99
Get practical advice on how to minister to someone whose trust in God has been shattered by spiritual abuse and find out key ways to protect yourself from this subtle manipulation.

The Psalms, ESV (Summer Garden)

30/09/2016, £15.99
he Psalms is a beautiful presentation of this beloved section of Scripture. Featuring the ESV text, each psalm is presented in large, readable type on high quality paper.
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