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A Grief Observed

02/05/2013, £7.99
The reflections of the great scholar and Christian writer C. S. Lewis on the death of his wife, after only a few short years of marriage.

Beyond the Gate

A Collection of thoughts and prayers gathered from many sources, for those experiencing the death of a child. Edited and compiled by Mary Oakley. A 22 page booklet.

Brave: Showing courage in all seasons of Life

23/03/2018, £7.99
Hollywood's definition of bravery often centres on superheroes and death-defying feats, and the Bible also includes acts of incredible courage. However, these examples can often feel far from our day-today lives. In Brave, Debbie Duncan assures us...

Bruised & Wounded

19/12/2017, £8.99
Fr. Rolheiser offers hope and a new way of understanding death by suicide.

Cancer: A Circle of Seasons

30/04/2017, £12.99
A book of prayer, poetry and journal suggestions to help and support those dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer: A Pilgrim Companion

19/01/2017, £9.99
Drawing on theology, Scripture and the arts, cancer survivor Gillian Straine explores the taboos of cancer and offers solace and hope to all those facing the disease and their friends and supporters.
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