Illness & Suffering

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A Different Song: The Christian Songwriter’s own Joyous Story as she Lives With Parkinson’s Disease

Autobiography of popular Christian songwriter and professional pianist Susie Hare. Written in an easy, readable style, Susie Hare’s memoirs encourage the reader to keep going in life’s trials and are a testament to God’s faithfulness when life doesn’t go quite as expected.

Finding God in Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are among the two most common mental health conditions today. Social stigma is still attached to mental health and sufferers can be under pressure to hide their condition. While good medical treatment and care are often necessary, what place does faith have in aiding recovery?

Finding God: Faith and Mental Health

Today mental health and wellbeing are pressing concerns for many people. The Church has an important contribution to make in these areas.

Freedom from Evil Spirits: Released from Fear, Addiction & the Devil

This is a guide on how we can free ourselves from the many debilitating influences that can take a stronghold in our lives, from fear and addiction to oppressive evil spirits.

Giving Meaning to Suffering

How Christ transforms our sufferings.

Mother Angelica on Suffering & Burnout

From the spiritual writings and reflections of Mother Angelica comes this lucid and life-transforming book for anyone who struggles with suffering, or finds difficulty in persevering in your daily responsibilities.

Pandemic Reflections

Reflections on a year that changed the world...

Prayer in Sadness and Sorrow: The Healing Power of Lament

Prayer of lament is prayer in moments of deep suffering or hopelessness, when God can seem absent or distant.