Jesus Christ

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A Child's Life Of Jesus

This delightful hardback presents the life of Jesus in 43 stories, from the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary to Jesus ascension into heaven. Each story occupies one double page spread and integrates child-friendly text with Frank Endersby's beautiful watercolour illustrations.

A Time Travel Guide to the Land of Jesus

Pack your walking sandals, your shekels, and your phrase book and take a step back in time! The year is 50 AD and Galilee is THE place to be. This handy guide will show you the must-sees, the history, the bargain buys, and more.

Beautiful Bedtime Stories With Jesus

Five wonderfully illustrated bedtime stories, ideal for helping children get to know the life of Jesus and for parents to pass on the faith before a goodnight’s rest under the watchful and loving gaze of our Lord and saviour!


This graceful retelling of the life of Jesus takes readers back over two thousand years ago to Nazareth, a young girl named Mary, and a miraculous virgin birth.

Jesus' First Miracle

When Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding at Cana, He showed His divine power. He also stressed that all things happen according to God's will and in His time. At the right time, Jesus would die on the cross and rise again for the world's sins!

Next Steps to Following Jesus

Next Steps to Following Jesus is a flexible and engaging resource that helps children and families at all stages of faith to walk through the Bible and explore the life of Jesus together. Here, you’ll find out more about Jesus, what he did during his time on earth and why he is at the heart of the Bible.

The Beautiful Story of Jesus

Maïte Roche tells the good news of the life of Jesus for children in an indispensable book for getting to know Jesus better and for being introduced to the words of the gospels.

The Story of Jesus: Sticker Book

Three parables are retold with 130 stickers to fill in the gaps in the story. With a large scene from the tale to color, children will love this addition to the Candle Bible for Toddlers series.