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A Word for Lent

21/01/2020, £4.95
Whether alone or in a group, these Lenten Sunday Gospel reflections provide stimulating insights and ways into deepening personal prayer and commitment to Jesus. They are simple, practical, down-to-earth, heart-warming, challenging, and open up fresh

Celebrate - Lent

Celebrate:Lent is a magazine for Catholic kids full of cool activities and fun quizzes.

Christ our Peace

These reflective services are all fairly short and mostly participative, one for each of the four Sundays in Lent, for Passion Sunday and for Palm Sunday.

Feast or Famine: How the Gospel challenges austerity

23/11/2017, £6.99
Feast or Famine? is a five-week Lent course for groups and individuals that considers the practical issues of economic austerity versus plenty in modern Britain and beyond.

Holy Thursday: The Night That Changed The World

21/02/2019, £12.50
These pages are for all those weary ones who go to Mass faithfully but still find no relief for their parched and careworn spirits.

Holy Week Missal - People's Edition

11/01/2019, £7.95
This Missal is designed to accompany you through Holy Week.

Journeying with Jesus

Journeying with Jesus is a deeply spiritual and lavishly resourced programme of study for those who want to journey side by side with our Lord during Lent, either individually or in small groups
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