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Marriage & Family Life

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20 Answers: Divorce and Remarriage

08/09/2016, £2.50
What is the meaning of marriage? What conditions can make a marriage invalid? And what does the Church teach about remarriage after divorce?

7 Words on Marriage

08/03/2018, £2.95
Pope Francis described Christian marriage as “The most beautiful thing God has created”. This booklet explains why, using seven key words, taken from Scripture and the Marriage Rite, to speak of the beauty of Marriage, the strength and joy it gives to husband and wife, to their humanity, family and to society at large.

Being a Catholic Mother

30/11/2014, £6.95
The contemporary design and beautiful photographs make this a real pleasure to read with personal advice and anecdotes from many Catholic mothers.

Being a Parent Today

01/01/2012, £2.50
Pratical pointers on helping to care for your children.

Building Positive Relationships

Wherever we go we take ourselves, especially into relationships which are central to our lives. It takes time to unlearn destructive attitudes that we have learned over time, sometimes unthinkingly, and acquire new habits.

Catholic Survival Guide Dating Teens

08/09/2016, £2.50
Dating and relationships can be a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially overwhelming for Catholic teenagers. This guide is designed to steer them through this potential maze.

Cherishing Your Wedding

A comprehensive and user-friendly guide, which covers everything you need to know to create a beautiful ceremony and to prepare for married life thereafter.

Christian Love

01/01/2013, £2.50
In this classic guide, Fr Edwards sets out a clear exposition of what love means in marriage, in chastity and in virginity.
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