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Blessed Virgin Mary

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Mary in Different Traditions

Catholicism in the Western world has moved from a situation where Mary and Marian devotion were simply taken for granted to a new situation where it now demands real effort to turn to Our Lady in any meaningful way.

Mary of Nazareth: History, Archaeology, Legends

28/10/2016, £16.50
This is the first archaeological and historical biography of the most fascinating and revered woman in history, Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Christ.

Mary: Flower of Humanity

23/11/2017, £9.95
Mary is the woman most mentioned in the Gospels. From the very beginnings of the Christian story she has inspired poets, song writers and theologians, not to mention the sublime icons in the Orthodox tradition. Chiara Lubich (1920-2008) has helped m

Meet Mary

09/01/2008, £7.99
Sinners fly to her, but an angel bowed! She's Mary, the mother of Jesus: the most recognized woman in history. And the most misunderstood!

Message and Prayers of Fatima

08/09/2016, £2.50
Our Lady’s appeal in 1917 to the three shepherd children of Fatima, for prayer, for peace, and for a deep conversion of heart, rings out from the site of her apparitions at the world-famous shrine.

Miraculous Medal

What is the Miraculous Medal - and why is it considered miraculous? Where did it come from? And why is it important for us today?
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