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101 Places to Pray Before You Die

101 Places to Pray Before You Die will enhance your travel experiences--whether it's a day trip to explore a spot you've breezed past a hundred times, a quick detour on a business trip or a family trip dedicated to more intensive spiritual searching.

Contemplating the Camino - An Ignation Guide


Cycling the Camino de Santiago: The Way

08/03/2019, £14.95
The Camino de Santiago de Compostela (Camino Frances or Way of St James) is among the world's most famous pilgrimages:

Fatima: A Pilgrim's Companion

08/01/2017, £2.50
This book is the ideal pilgrim guide to Fatima especially in this centenary year 2017.

Glastonbury: A Pilgrim's Companion

01/01/2013, £2.50
Glastonbury is the oldest Marian Shrine north of the Alps. Arguably, after Walsingham, it is the second most prominent Marian shrine in England and Wales.

It's about time: A call to the Camino

01/07/2019, £7.95
A pilgrim’s journey to Santiago de Compostela often starts with a call long before they set out on the ancient holy road.

Knock Prayer Book

The story of Knock began on the 21 August 1879 when fifteen people from the village of Knock in Co. Mayo, witnessed an apparition of Our Lady, St Joseph, St John the Evangelist, a Lamb and cross on an altar at the gable wall of the Parish Church.

Knock... and still they come

Knock is Ireland s national Marian Shrine and is visited by Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year. This book is about why they come.
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