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100 Ways John Paul II Changed the World

John Paul II changed the world forever in many ways; this book describes 100 of the most important.

20 Answers: The Papacy

This accessible handbook for defending the Catholic faith comprises 20 answers to frequently asked questions, with concise yet comprehensive explanations on salient aspects of the papacy.

A Pope for All Seasons

Contains reminiscences by people who admired this saintly man as student, actor, professor, mentor, author, priest, pope, political leader, uncle, and friend.

Benedict and Francis: Their Ministry as Successor's to Peter

Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have each approached the papacy in strikingly different ways, yet they share the same fundamental vision of the world and man.

Benedict XV & World War I: Courageous Prophet of Peace

How Pope Benedict XV and so many others worked courageously to stop the carnage of World War I.

Christ Our High Priest

In this book we can share with the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, and with the whole Roman Curia the powerful meditations offered to them in the Spiritual Exercises preached by Cardinal Albert Vanhoye on the theme of the acceptance of Christ's priestly mediation in our faith and life.

Christifideles Laici: On the Vocation & Mission of the Lay Faithful

Revolutionary document on the role of the lay faithful in the Church. The first comprehensive statement on the calling and mission of lay people, to fully participate in the new evangelisation.

Dives in Misericordia: Rich in Mercy

Encyclical Letter on Meeting the Loving Father.