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Popes and Papal Writings

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Family is Good News

The Family is Good News comprises a selection of specially chosen extracts from Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love), Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation devoted to the subject of love in the family, the bedrock of Christianity.

Father Benedict

17/11/2016, £12.99
In these pages, author James Day unpacks the voluminous teachings of Pope Benedict and presents his remedies for the many ills afflicting the Church and our culture, including individualism, materialism, secularism, and godlessness.

Fratelli Tutti

06/10/2020, £6.95
Pope Francis’s third encyclical is inspired by the life and example of St Francis of Assisi, his love for the poorest and his openness to all, and was completed during the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Great Reformer

Since his surprise appointment in March 2013, Pope Francis has emerged as the most talked-about and most revolutionary pope in living memory. He has become a subject of fascination, conversation, and headlines not only to the 1.2 billion Catholics...

Happiness in This Life

12/12/2017, £14.99
Pope Francis explores the idea of happiness and shows how we can bring more meaning and purpose to our lives.
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