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Popes and Papal Writings

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Life in Christ

19/08/2020, £7.95
A collection of Pope Francis’s weekly catecheses addressing the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, which incorporate us into Christ, and the Ten Commandments, which enlighten us to walk in His path.

Morning Homilies V

30/11/2018, £14.99

Our Father: Reflections on The Lord's Prayer

15/03/2018, £9.99
Discover what The Lord's Prayer really means, reinterpreted for a modern audience

Pastoral Popes: Living the Gospel in Modern Parish Life

01/08/2016, £7.99
A survey of the influences and legacies of our six most recent popes, set in the context of pastoral guidance and modern parish life.

Pope Francis and the Family

31/08/2015, £6.99
Pope Francis and the Family is an absorbing compilation of the Holy Father's reflections on family, the cornerstone of Catholicism today.

Pope Francis and the Theology of the People

12/10/2017, £17.99
Pope Francis has offered a bold challenge to an "economy that kills," identifying in particular a form of globalisation that turns people into disposable consumers and increases the widening gap between the rich and poor.
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