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Popes and Papal Writings

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Sharing the Wisdom of Time

23/10/2018, £22.50
More than 250 people were interviewed and Loyola Press sent a collection of stories to the Vatican. Pope Francis received every story, prayed over them, and responded with sensitivity and grace to 31 of the stories and the issues they raise.

Strong in the Face of Tribulation

22/07/2020, £18.99
This volume is divided into three sections.

Ten Things Pope Francis Wants You to Know about the Environment

In this booklet, author Michael Wright identifies 10 key themes from Laudato Si, the Pope's letter on the enviroment, explaining what they mean for everyday Catholics.

To the Margins: Pope Francis and the Mission of the Church

30/04/2018, £13.99
In his call for the church to go the margins and the peripheries - both geographical and existential - Pope Francis has defined a new understanding of the mission of the church.
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