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Angels of the Lord: 365 Reflections

From day to day, you'll be fascinated and inspired by: Scripture passages and Church teachings on angelsStories of early martyrs who received courage and consolation from angelsReadings from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church who shaped teaching about angelsAnecdotes about saints who saw and spoke with angelsAccounts of ordinary people who had e

Arriving at Amen: Seven Catholic Prayers That Even I Can Offer

Leah Libresco describes how she encountered God through seven classic Catholic forms of prayer-Liturgy of the Hours, lectio divina, examen, intercessory prayer, the rosary, confession, and the Mass.
£10.99 £7.50

Art & Prayer: Perspectives on the Christian Life

The Catholic Church, with its particular understanding of how art should relate to faith and spirituality, has commissioned and inspired some of the most beautiful works of art the world has ever seen.

At Home in the Mysteries of Christ: The Grace of the Rosary

If you have been a life-long devotee of the Rosary, or if you are coming back to the Rosary after a long break, or if you are feeling attracted to the Rosary for the very first time, you will find in this book great encouragement, enlightenment and a new desire for a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Catholic Architecture

An exploration of what the design of a Catholic Church means, and why it matters.

Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon

In Champions of the Rosary Fr. Calloway has written what is probably the most comprehensive book ever written on the rosary.

Contemplative Prayer

Thomas Merton's classic study of monastic prayer and contemplation brings a tradition of spirituality alive for the present day. But, as A M Allchin points out in his Introduction to this new edition, Contemplative Prayer also shows us the present day in a new perspective, because we see it in the light of a long and living tradition.

Conversational Prayer

Conversational prayer brings us closer to Jesus: it's a friendship form of prayer - it can be done while ‘on the go’, that is, while working, travelling, shopping, and so forth.