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Priesthood & Consecrated Life

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A Divine Gift: The Consecrated Life

01/01/2014, £2.50
This unique booklet explains the origins in the Gospel and the continuing value of the Consecrated life as a sign of God’s love to the Church and to the world.

Catholic Update Guide to Vocations

01/07/2012, £3.95
Reviews the four vocations or states of life in which the Christian faithful live the Gospel:single life, married life, religious life, and holy orders.

Christian Love

01/01/2013, £2.50
In this classic guide, Fr Edwards sets out a clear exposition of what love means in marriage, in chastity and in virginity.

Crazy Chronicles of a Parish Life

This book is a conglomeration of the good, the bad, and the ridiculous, and reinforces what I have always suspected, that only a very foolish clergyman will take himself too seriously.

Discerning and Preparing for Religious L

08/09/2016, £2.50
It can take a long time to discern a call to religious life. Part of the problem is that we haven’t been told how to discern. Discernment is really a period of preparation for and training in the religious life. It is also a period of courtship. T

Four Ministries, One Jesus: Exploring your vocation with the four Gospels

16/11/2017, £12.99
This book is for all who feel called to a life of Christian ministry, and want to make sure their calling is firmly based on the teaching and model of Jesus, as provided in the four Gospels. Widely respected as an international expert in Gospel st
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