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A Bedside Book of Saints

01/12/2005, £12.50

A Gathering of Larks: Letters to Saint Francis from a modern-day pilgrim

30/04/2017, £10.99
Who was Saint Francis? Today he is most often a sweet ceramic statue in a garden, a sentimentalized romantic figure.

A Taste of Hildegard

13/12/2012, £5.95
Hildegard of Bingen (1098 - 1179) was born just as the era of the crusades was beginning.

Augustine of Canterbury: Leadership, Mission and Legacy

28/10/2013, £16.99
Augustine's mission to Roman Britain in 597 at the behest of Pope Gregory the Great was one of the pivotal events in the history of English Christianity and crucial to its subsequent survival and expansion.

Blessed Nicholas Postgate: Martyr of the Moors

31/05/2012, £12.99
Blessed Nicholas Postgate: Martyr of the Moors

Butler's Lives of the Saints

01/12/2005, £11.99
A new adaptation of Butler's multi-volume Lives of the Saints with modernized text for today's reader.
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