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365 Saints: Your Daily Guide to the Wisdom and Wonder of Their Lives

10/04/1995, £11.99
Revealing how the saints actually lived, a daily guide offers a saint for each day, detailing their hopes, joys, fears, and sorrows, as well as a full year of meditations.

A Book of Martyrs

08/01/2017, £2.50
Devotions to the Martyrs of England, Scotland and Wales

A Gathering of Larks: Letters to Saint Francis from a modern-day pilgrim

30/04/2017, £10.99
Who was Saint Francis? Today he is most often a sweet ceramic statue in a garden, a sentimentalized romantic figure.

A Newman Prayer Book

05/05/2010, £3.50
Pray for the canonisation of Cardinal Newman with this new prayer book.

A Perfect Peace: Newman, Saint For Our Time

08/10/2019, £6.99
This special commemorative volume, published to celebrate the canonisation of John Henry Newman, includes a short biography of the great scholar and theologian, alongside key excerpts from his writings.

A Taste of Hildegard

13/12/2012, £5.95
Hildegard of Bingen (1098 - 1179) was born just as the era of the crusades was beginning.
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