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A Council That Will Never End: Lumen Gentium and the Church Today

In A Council That Will Never End, the highly regarded ecclesiologist Paul Lakeland marks the fiftieth anniversary of Lumen Gentium's promulgation by taking up three major themes of the constitution.
£15.99 £10.50

A Library of Tales: Volume One

Lady Herbert’s Wayside Tales are in the classic vein of “improving literature”. CTS published thirty volumes of them in 1899; some were still in print two decades later.
£1.50 £1.00

A Library of Tales: Volume Two

Historical fiction, and improving tales for the working classes, were two staples of Catholic storytelling between the Wars.
£1.50 £1.00

A New Friendship: The Spirituality and Ministry of the Deacon

"What is a deacon?" "What does a deacon do?" In this book, Monsignor Edward Buelt answers these questions through an engaging conversation with the Scriptures, the eucharistic liturgy, and church teaching on the diaconate.
£15.99 £10.50

Behold the Heritage: Foundations of Education in the Dominican Tradition

Behold the Heritage is a delightful collection of writings on the history and essence of Dominican education for all who delight in truth and relish the honor of sharing it with others as a teacher.
£10.95 £6.95

Beloved of the Lord: Reflections and Resources for People Living with Special Educational Needs, and their Carers

Beloved of the Lord has been written to raise awareness of this gift and to give thanks for all the blessings that they bestow upon us. Beloved of the Lord speaks of the daily challenges and joys that these people experience and how the Word of God supports them on their journey.
£12.99 £8.50

Bridges of Faith: Building a Relationship With a Sister Parish

'Bridges of Faith: Building a Relationship With a Sister Parish' serves as the ultimate source and guidebook for members of churches, schools and other faith communities who would like to establish a faith-based partnership with a "twin" parish in another region or country.
£9.95 £6.50

Catholic Schools in Contention

John Sullivan outlines some of the leading ideas that appear to govern practice in Catholic schools. He examines the implications, dilemmas and value clashes that emerge from the use of competing models and metaphors for schools school as family, as business, as church, as political community and as academy.
£10.99 £6.99