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Chasing Mystery


Child Sexual Abuse

Everyone who reads the newspaper or listens to radio or television news will hear fairly frequently about child sexual abuse accusations, trials and convictions.

Christ in All Things

Christ in all Things offers both a concise introduction to the spiritual vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and a fascinating survey of contemporary themes in spirituality through a “Teilhardian” lens.

Christianity at its best: Exploring What Christians Believe

14/02/2012, £12.99
Christianity at its best: Exploring What Christians Believe

Christianity for Modern Pagans

Peter Kreeft believes that Baise Pascal is the first post-medieval apologist.

Christmas Pack - 10

Charity Christmas Card

Companion God

Incorporates up-to-date exegesis on the Gospel of Matthew, accompanied by the authors experiences in South Asia, where many cultural practices are similar to those of biblical times
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