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“Let us thank all those who teach in Catholic schools. Educating is an act of love; it is like giving life.” 

Pope Francis

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Coloring & Activity Book: The Rosary

01/10/2013, £1.50
Coloring & Activity Book: The Rosary (Brother Francis)

Coloring & Activity Book: The Saints

01/08/2014, £1.50
Coloring & Activity Book: The Saints (Brother Francis)

Community and Growth

27/11/2006, £14.99
Contemporary society is the product of the disintegration of more or less natural or familial groupings.

Complete Primary Prayers

09/10/2007, £7.99
Complete Primary Prayers

Corded Plastic Rosary Beads

Plastic rosary beads, assorted colours.

Creative Prayer

Marble-run prayers, milkshake prayers, paper boat prayers and teapot prayers – there’s something for everyone in this fun, thought-provoking and creative book.

Dancing on the Edge: Chaplaincy, Church and Higher Education

01/09/2007, £10.95
Dancing on the Edge: Chaplaincy, Church and Higher Education


Sometimes it's seeing God at work in ordinary human experiences that nurtures faith. The Bible has so much to teach about life and the people of the Bible have so much to teach about living.

Dear Pope Francis

28/04/2016, £12.99
If you could ask Pope Francis one question, what would it be? Children have questions and struggles just like adults, but rarely are they given the chance to voice their concerns and ask the big questions resting deep in their hearts.

Diary of a Disciple

20/09/2016, £9.99
Diary of a disciple: Luke's story is a contemporary retelling of Luke's Gospel. Written in a quirky, contemporary, accessible style, Diary of a disciple offers a way into the Bible for the next generation.

Diary of a Disciple - Peter and Paul's Story

20/10/2017, £9.99
Sheep falling from the sky, bald heads, fiery heads and wrinkly noses, boys falling out of windows, people throwing rocks, storms and shipwrecks, prisons and fish biscuits?! How could all of this be part of just one story? Well. Dr Luke has a stor

Diary of a Disciple (Luke's Story) Activity Book

18/08/2017, £3.99
Taking the fun and quirky Diary of a disciple: Luke's story to the next level! An exciting, interactive 64 page book with puzzles, colouring, mazes, crosswords and more, all amongst excerpts of Luke's story. This book is based on Diary of a Discipl

Diary of a Disciple: Luke's Story

22/09/2017, £6.99
Dr Luke has a story to tell. It's a super incredible, massively, mind-boggling totally AMAZING, absolutely awesome, epically HUGE story. Luke wrote down everything that happened because he wanted everyone, everywhere in the whole world to hear what h

Dimensions of Christianity

Now in its third edition, this perennially popular textbook has become an essential foundation text for GCSE Religious Studies. It has been revised and is now bang up to date, covering such topics as the home and family, Christian vocation...

DOCAT: What to Do?

26/07/2016, £9.95
Whether used within the classroom or for faith-formation or for youth ministry, DOCAT is a superb resource to help guide young people to know, to understand and to live out Catholic Social Teaching.

Done 'n' Dusted: Ready-to-Use Assemblies

Done 'n' Dusted: Ready-to-Use Assemblies for Key Stages 3-4
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