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Bob Hartman's Astounding All-Age Bible Readings For Holidays and Holy Days

20/04/2018, £9.99
Each year they come round: readings for Advent, Christmas, Harvest, Easter and every other holy day. And the question is, ‘How do I make them fresh? How do I help my church hear with new ears the readings they have heard a hundred times before?’

Bob Hartman's Rhyming Bible

21/03/2019, £14.99
Internationally acclaimed storyteller and best-selling children's author Bob Hartman re-tells classic Bible stories in rhyme.

Easter Stories: A Storyteller Book

22/11/2018, £6.99
Following the tried and tested formula of his earlier Lion Storyteller titles, Bob Hartman retells a selection of Easter stories in his own inimitable style.

Paul, Man on a Mission: The Life and Let

20/10/2017, £7.99
Paul wasn't one of Jesus' friends - in fact he really didn't like the whole "Jesus crew" at all. They were wrong! Even worse, they were telling lies that confused people about how to live properly in God's way. But Paul's life-journey is about to be

Play-Along Bible: Imagining God's Story through Motion and Play

14/01/2019, £9.99
Young children will love taking part in acting out favourite Bible stories with movement, sounds and actions.

The Lion Storyteller Bible

19/09/2008, £15.99
The Lion Storyteller Bible broke new ground in its presentation - both verbal and visual - of Bible stories. It has been immensely popular, with sales in the UK exceeding 130,000 copies and editions printed in more than 11 languages. Since The Lion

The Lion Storyteller Bible

20/07/2018, £10.99
First published in 1995, The Lion Storyteller Bible has been immensely popular, with editions printed in more than 11 languages.

The Lion Storyteller Book of Parables

19/06/2015, £8.99
A wonderful addition to the Storyteller range, told by the expert storyteller, Bob Hartman.