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All Generations Will Call Me Blessed

01/01/2007, £10.95
All Generations Will Call Me Blessed

At Home in the Mysteries of Christ

30/09/2016, £7.95
All our great saints and mystics tell us that the Rosary is the great Trinitarian and Marian prayer of our Catholic tradition. It is a spiritual treasure. That is why the subtitle of this book is The Grace of the Rosary.

Hallowed be Thy Name: Living by the Word of God

01/12/2009, £9.95
Fr McManus leads you into new ways of living the word of God. You will begin to take God's word more personally to yourself; you will become aware of the healing power of God¹s word in your own life, as old wounds begin to surface and be healed.

Healing in the Spirit

01/11/2002, £10.95
In this widely acclaimed book, Jim McManus focuses on the rediscovery of the healing power of prayer, and the recovery of the healing ministry within the Church. Includes a chapter on the healing power of forgiveness.

Spiritual First Aid

08/05/2017, £2.50
Healing through the sacraments