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30 Creative Classroom Crafts, Lessons & Prayers

28/02/2013, £13.50
30 Creative Classroom Crafts, Lessons & Prayers

Symbols and Spirituality: Reflecting on John's Gospel

02/02/2008, £9.99
An exploration of some of the rich symbolism in the Fourth Gospel, and how this has been understood by Christians from the first century to the present.

The Rosminian Mission: Sowers for the Second Spring

01/06/2017, £20.00
In the story of the dramatic revival of Catholicism in Great Britain in the nineteenth century, the role of the pioneering Rosminian mission is often overlooked.

The World is My Cloister

01/02/2010, £10.99
Whether you live in a crowded city or in a rural area, work in an office or at home, you can know the peace of God and be a blessing to the world.