Stations of the Cross

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A4 Poster Set - Footsteps of Christ

These inspired illustrations of Christ's journey to the Cross and beyond are presented to us through colour and symbol.

Calvary Through the Eyes of Mary

08/01/2018, £2.95
It has been a Catholic tradition through the centuries to meditate on the Stations of the Cross so that it becomes our way of life. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, made that first way of the cross. The stations in this booklet present that viewpoint. S

DVD - A Journey to the Cross

01/01/2011, £11.94

A Journey to the Cross is a series of images with words and music, to reflect Christ's journey to the Cross. The artwork is from the 'Footsteps of Christ' Stations of the Cross poster set.

Each station has an image with

Large Print Stations of the Cross

01/01/1999, £2.50
St. Alphonsus’ Stations of the Cross in Large print The best known meditations on the Stations of the Cross in a handy format with large type and pictures for the visually impaired.

Mary's Way of the Cross

This bestselling Way of the Cross follows Jesus on his way to Calvary through the eyes of his mother, Mary. With his mother’s love but also with deep faith; she accompanies him and invites readers to follow him as well - with love and deep faith.

Meditations on Stations of the Cross

31/01/2015, £2.95
Blessed John Henry Newman's celebrated meditations on the passion of Our Lord have been edited and enhanced with illustrations.

Reflections on the Stations of the Cross

Terence J Brain, Emeritus Bishop of Salford, reflects on the unusual portrayal of the Stations of the Cross in St Mary's, Mulberry Street, Manchester: also known as the Hidden Gem.

Stations of Mercy: With Pope Francis

08/01/2016, £2.50
A journey with Pope Francis along the well known Stations of Christ's passion to discover at every step the boundless and life giving mercy of God.
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