Adult Faith Formation

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60 Days to Becoming a Missionary Disciple

Father John Bartunek insightfully combines Bible passages and Church teaching with practical and actionable advice that you can apply to your daily life.

A Message For It's Own Time

This book is written for Catholics and fellow Christians seeking a vision of the Church which inspires great hope in these challenging times.

Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples

In this book Sherry Weddell and her fellow authors present ideas for transforming Catholic parishes into lively, faithful centres of apostolic outreach.

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Eucharist - Leaders Kit

Bishop Barron offers inspiring insights into the mystery of Christ's presence in our lives and the centrality of the Eucharist as an important part of that presence.

Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus

How can we transmit a living, personal Catholic faith to future generations? By coming to know Jesus Christ, and following Him as His disciples.
£13.99 £10.00

Let it be Done unto Me

"Mary once gave us the Saviour of the world, today she helps us to be filled with the Spirit of God"

Mystery of God - DVD (Leaders)

Probe more deeply into Bishop Barron’s message using the companion study materials. The sections within the Leader Guide correspond to each part of the presentation.