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An Introduction to Christian Theology

This work explores key 'tools' for the scientific study of theology, endeavouring both to affirm the rationale behind Christian thinking, and also to familiarize the reader with significant contrary positions.

Atonement: Soundings in Biblical, Trinitarian, and Spiritual Theology

This book presents the chief insights concerning the mystery of atonement in the works of four theological guides: John Paul II, Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, Hans Urs von Balthasar, and Norbert Hoffmann.

Catholic Theology

Rowland showcases here the dominant contemporary approaches to doing Catholic theology. Chapter 1 offers a summary of the two International Theological Commission (ITC) documents on the discipline of Catholic theology.

Catholicism: Christ and the Common Destiny of Man

With a Foreword by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI This book first appeared just over fifty years ago. It is the pilgrimatic work of one of the 20th century's greatest theologians.

Exploring Catholic Theology

In this volume, Bishop Barron sets forth a thoroughgoing vision for an evangelical catholic theology that is steeped in the tradition and engaged with the contemporary world.

Handbook of Moral Theology

First published in 1921, Fr. Prummer's Handbook was immediately regarded as an international classic. At long last, this centenary edition restores the superb English translation of 1956 in a fresh new typesetting.

Holy Spirit Fire of Divine Love

Acclaimed spiritual writer Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen presents insightful reflections on the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Holy Trinity, emphasizing the importance of the Spirit in the life of a Christian. He illustrates that the Holy Spirit desires to live in us so that we can love God and others with God's own love. As the Holy Spirit descended

The Four Friendships: From Aristotle to Aquinas

A study of works on friendship by four great philosophers - Aristotle, Cicero, Aelred of Rievaulx, and Thomas Aquinas.